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Guiding Light Initiative

As a mission driven organization, we are excited to embrace a company initiative that is focused on improving the lives of those that need it the most. Those that are struggling to find housing, find work and support their families – the homeless population. We understand the problems many are challenged with today and want to be part of the solution.

To enrich the lives of those in need by providing housing and job opportunities to help create a stable environment and a better quality of life.

We want to transform the way we hire, by hiring those in the most need, inclusive of all. The goal for this program is to be an integrated part of our overall hiring process, where we accomplish annual goals for homeless hiring and transforming lives. The ultimate focus of this program is to not only help the new team member to join our team, but to help the entire family. We want spouses to be self-sufficient, children to be successful in school etc. This program supports homeless adults on their own, as well as the holistic family environment and allows either reality to flourish.

Hire at least 5 adults experiencing homelessness and change 5 lives!

Our ultimate goal is for a complete life transition – not only with a home and job, but a community, a career, transitionary resources, consistent income, flexibility, understanding, safety.  Life changing!

If you are interested in applying for a job with us and also receiving the benefits of this program – please visit our careers page to see all available openings and please apply to all that you feel you qualify for!

If you are interested in learning more about this program – please contact (800) 497-5761 for more information.

Military Community Hiring

Riverstone Communities’ goal in creating a military community focused hiring program that supports both veterans and military spouses, is to expand upon our overall company mission of enriching the lives of our residents and team members.  We understand that hiring a military community team member brings many benefits – valuable experience and expertise, diversification of skill set and team member base, work ethic and discipline that is second to none and many more.  Not only will these benefits enhance our overall culture here at Riverstone, it will also enhance the experience our residents will have within our communities.  We also strive to enrich the life of the veteran team member in helping them to transition to civilian life and start to establish a career in property management.  In supporting the military spouse community, we also allow them the opportunity to pursue their own careers, while their spouse is completing active duty.  We want to help provide a future livelihood for the holistic military family.  After committing to the years of service they have provided to our country, that is the least we can do.  Riverstone Communities will always support the hiring of our military community team members!