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At Riverstone Communities, we are very focused on the learning and development of our team. We recognize that our team cannot be set up for success without proper training and learning resources in place. We go to great lengths to ensure our team is always learning – from onboarding as a newly hired team member to a more tenured team member. Learning never stops!

Our training program is set up with an understanding of accountability on all fronts – both with the Trainer and Trainee. We believe in this so much, that we have established a Training Commitment that all team members follow.

Training Commitment

Trainees (meaning YOU) agree to take responsibility for the effectiveness of YOUR training at Riverstone Communities. You OWN your training experience here.

Trainers agree to:

  1. Document clear performance expectations
  2. Provide training resources
  3. Recognize performance
  4. Reward performance

Let’s provide a snapshot of what training may look like at different phases of the employment life cycle…

Upon hire and prior to even starting, you will be contacted by your Trainer, to welcome you to the team and set expectations of what your onboarding experience will look like. Depending on the position, our onboarding will last from 1-3 weeks. If more training is necessary, it can be provided, on an individual basis.

Throughout your employment with us – there are several opportunities to participate in training classes to help you best understand how to be successful here at Riverstone Communities. Some of these classes are required, but most are voluntary, so you are able to manage your own pace of learning, based on topics that interest you.

We also offer an online Learning Management System where all team members complete online classes based on the position they hold. They are classes relevant to our property management industry and are a great way to keep learning going in a remote fashion. You can also complete courses within your schedule.

If you desire career growth, there are Learning Paths available for various positions that include structured guidance on information you should learn to ultimately prepare yourself for growth into another position, should that become an available option. We are regularly working to expand the Learning Paths that are available to our team, to promote continued growth to several positions we have within the organization.

In addition to available training programs, we also have a mentorship program for all team members to benefit from. As a newly hired team member, you are automatically assigned a mentor for your first three months of employment. Your mentor is there to provide additional guidance and support, as you have questions and/or need a different perspective. They are available in addition to your Trainer. You do have the option to continue with your mentorship relationship beyond your initial three months of employment, if you and your mentor so desire. We want the mentorship program to be what you need it to be to ensure your success here at Riverstone Communities.