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I had been employed part time with Riverstone Communities for a few years, managing a small mobile home community when circumstances changed and I was faced with the loss of a job where I had a long time position as an Administrative Assistant. It’s really all I knew. Was I worried about changing career paths? Of course. But Riverstone made it so easy and gave me all of the guidance that I needed. Sometimes it’s a pretty hard industry to be in. There are a lot of ups and downs with our residents, but in the end, they know we have their best interest at heart. This company appreciates their employees and the work we do and that shows in the benefit packages they offer, plenty of holidays off, additional days off for certain goals met and a program they have called Make a Dream where they help an employee solve any type of issue they may have (WOW sometimes even helping with a down payment for a car or house). Riverstone strives to make the residents happy too. We have a Living the Mission program where the communities obtain food from outside vendors, free smoke detectors, blood drives, etc. They’re always trying to enrich the lives of the residents and their employees.

I just celebrated my 11 year anniversary working for Riverstone full time. I consider these people like family. I can’t imagine where I’d be or what I’d be doing had I not taken the leap to full time. It’s THE BEST company I’ve worked for and I’ve been working almost 50 years (YIKES). If you ever have the opportunity, give us a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Kathy Redyk
Property Manager

I started with Riverstone in December of 2018 with prior experience in maintenance and property manager. At first I was hesitant to start something new. By the end of my first day I knew Riverstone was the place to work.

Over the last few years not only did I continue work that I was already familiar with but branched out to the Riverstone training team, committees and grew with the Riverstone Family.

From the start I was provided the training and tools that I needed with my superiors guiding me along the way. The work/life balance was key to my personal and professional success.

Riverstone provides a structure that no previous job that I have worked has provided. It’s a class act from the contests, living the missions events and. giving back to the community. They truly care about their team members, residents and their communities.

Riverstone touches every walk of life and has a diverse work environment teaming with ideas, culture and pride.

They not only care about your success but your family’s well being. From birthday PTO all the way to giving us time off to volunteer in our local communities the benefits are robust. Retirement, health insurance, PTO and sick time.

My superiors are second to none, always thinking of innovative ways to improve and better company processes, procedures and way of life for their employees and residents. Often holding meetings for employee feedback.

My only regret is that I wish I had the opportunity to work for them sooner!
If you’re looking for a quality employer that is top notch in the industry , promotes from within and takes care of their employees I would highly recommend working for Riverstone Communities. Hats off to a great company!

Tim Roberts
Area Manager

I joined Riverstone in January of 2020 with over 25 years of industry experience, however a large part of what I needed to know about Riverstone was learned during the hiring process. I immediately knew the first time I was contacted, that Riverstone was looking for team members that would truly embody and flourish within the company’s culture. The hiring process seemed long compared to others. It became quickly apparent that Riverstone was not looking to just fill positions with someone that could do the job, they were looking for much more than that. The culture at Riverstone is that of inclusion. You are free to be who you are and diversity is really celebrated. It is evident that your character and the quality of your work is right at the top of the list of what qualities are most valued here.

As a Riverstone team member, I can truly say for the very first time in my career that I work for a company that actually cares about their employees and their customers, it’s not just words written on paper. During the pandemic, I have witnessed the leaders of this company go above and beyond to ensure the safety and well being of their team members. I listened as company leaders say to us that they want our residents to stay in their homes and to help find resources to not only pay their rent, but to also obtain other necessities. When a team member is in need, I have witnessed Riverstone being a blessing to fellow team members and myself, not only by providing words of encouragement, but by also helping to provide a need.

Any employer can give you a paycheck, but not every employer will make you feel excited about coming to work! Most people spend more waking hours at work then they do at home, why not work someplace that feels like home!

William Turner
Property Manager

From the first day working with Riverstone Communities, I finally realized I found the company I want to retire with! Even before getting hired, everyone I had spoken to was so nice and made what is a fairly stressful hiring process, as relaxing as possible.

Now I totally understand why the process takes a while! It’s because Riverstone strives to create an actual family. Everyone is on the same page with the same purpose, with a very diverse, caring, creative bunch.

No matter who you are talking to, what position they hold, you just feel like you are an equal, accomplishing the same goals.

Before Riverstone I thought I had my dream job. After losing it to Covid I was lost. Now I am grateful things happened the way they did and I’m part of the Riverstone family!

Vegas Michael Nacy
Property Manager

I started my journey with Riverstone Communities nine years ago and it has been such an incredible experience! I wake up each day truly excited and happy to do my job.

The culture at Riverstone Communities is one of caring and team work. There is constant collaboration amongst the different departments and teams, we are always here to help each other when we get stuck or need another set of eyes or ideas about something.

Riverstone’s mission is to enrich the lives of its residents and employees. I end each day really feeling like myself and my team have made a difference in someone’s life. We accomplish this through our Living the Mission efforts, working hard to bring resources into our communities that will benefit our residents. Some examples include food banks, tutoring for the children, reading groups, health clinics, soccer clubs just to name a few. Riverstone enriches the lives of its employees by offering ice cream days, pizza parties, no meeting Fridays, making a dream initiatives (a need of an employee may be granted by the company, assistance with financial obligations if the employee is going through a hard time for example), summer concert series and so much more.

If you want to join a team where you will truly thrive, be happy and place to call home Riverstone Communities is just the place! You will be challenged, grow as a human being and professional and never want to work anywhere else!

Thank you Riverstone Communities for being an absolutely awesome company to be a part of!

Melissa Loeffelbein
Senior Regional Manager

I have a situation today and it’s simple and that is, “I am Humbly Satisfied”! I have been with Riverstone Communities literally 6 months as of July 19 this year (2021) and my experience has been awe-inspiring, on different levels. Never had this from a company in my years of working for anyone, ever.

I came into this company after the strong heat from covid-19 with little to almost no hope of re-starting my life. If Riverstone had another word to call them it would be “Life Changing” for me. Everything from the people, structure, policies, and culture are completely Life Changing at its top.

Their mission statement is exactly what they say but more importantly they show continuously. “To enrich the lives of our residents and our employees”. My life has been touched by growth and improvement. For me I really feel it’s been touched by living angels.

Riverstone made me feel better about my mission and structural values. I see how people can help people for the better of this world by working here. I am humbly thankful I have the opportunity to also show that in return while working for this company. I actually shouldn’t say working but serving daily with a smile and much more.

Serving with Riverstone Communities is Life Changing.

Assistant Property Manager

I have been at Riverstone for 3 months now and in that time I have learned what it feels like to work for a company that actually cares and stands behind their words. I’ve been offered training to help further my career and excel now as well as in the future at what I do. They offer a lot of what I call “extra days off” for certain things, such as a mental health day. A day just to take and make sure you have the time you need to stay healthy in your mind and body. No other companies have done that for me. The time off you earn, are given, and use definitely makes it easy to be able to take care of your personal life so you can focus better at work and home.

They stand up for what is right and work on initiatives such as offering jobs, assistance, transportation help, and so much more to the homeless. They believe in equality and diversity. They have meetings set up to help us understand each other better and be able to work, strive, and live better. They are huge into community events for their residents and guests and allow projects to be set up in the community for our children to help support and educate them. This company goes above and beyond in my opinion to make me feel valued. Careers like this are good for the soul.

Maintenance Technician

I just realized that I’ve been at Riverstone for 90 days and I want to thank you for having me as a team member. It’s been an interesting time with the office just starting to open up. However, I am thoroughly impressed by how much of a “family” culture has been created at Riverstone, from the community level to the corporate level. It’s not easy to create such a cohesive environment and it is commendable to have so many people care about each other and their jobs.

Everyone I have been in contact with at Riverstone is truly living the CORE values…they’re in writing and people are living them. To achieve that type of commitment and implementation for an organization is so unique. I have worked for a number of different companies and have never seen this type of positive culture from the onset.

I feel quite fortunate to be part of the Riverstone family.

Jason Tink
Chief Acquisitions Officer

Anonymous Comments:

Each day I have worked for Riverstone Communities, I have enjoyed coming into work and it has been 5 years. The people who work here are one of a kind. Riverstone values individuals from all backgrounds and experiences and that’s what makes it so fun to interact with the team. Every single person who is employed here is willing to help you out in some way. You just have to ask! This company is made up of caring individuals – all the way up to the owners of Riverstone Communities. We care about the work we do, the people who work for us, the residents who live in our communities. I love that your ideas are taken into consideration if you give them. You have to be ready for changes while working here as they come up often, but that’s what helps us grow and get better and better year after year. I really enjoy working for this company and am thankful they gave me a chance when I was so early on in my career.

Hannah Highers
Human Resources Manager

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