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Our Make a Dream program is a very mission based program, truly committed to helping our team members. The basic concept is that anyone can submit a “dream request” for any other team member, including themselves and request assistance with anything that is on their mind (help with an outstanding bill, help buying a house, help going on vacation – the sky’s the limit!). Each request is reviewed and taken into consideration. Once approved, the dream request is honored and we work to truly impact someone’s life and change it for the better! We have been offering this program for the last several years, with great success. This is a program that you will not find at many other employers. The team members that we have helped through this program are truly grateful that it has been available to help in times of need.

Click on the videos below to see our video recaps of the dreams we honored each year.

Recently, we have decided to take our Make a Dream program a step further and integrate in a Dream Manager program. This is where we will send out a survey to our team members (at least annually) asking them what dreams they have for their life that they are realistically hoping to accomplish and have plans/ideas in place to accomplish them. We then work to facilitate “Dream Meetings” with them to assist in accomplishing those dreams. These meetings are held with our internal “Dream Managers” that we have as part of our team already. This support could include financial assistance on behalf of Riverstone or just guidance and direction on how to best accomplish the dream. It may also include connecting our team members with individuals who can assist with the dream accomplishment. The possibilities are endless, we just genuinely want to assist our team members in making their dreams come true!

Our Dream Manager Team includes:

Devre Bain – Property Manager – Knollwood/Owen Creek Communities – Alexander, Arkansas

Her Bio Includes:

Devre joined Riverstone in January 2018 with 19 years of experience in property management and manages 704 homes in Arkansas. She enjoys opportunities that allow her to engage with her fellow team members and give back to the residents of her community. Recently, she has organized weekly food pantry deliveries and continues to develop relationships with local organizations that bring in new educational opportunities to our residents. She has two wonderful kiddos that keep her super active. Devre is a dedicated runner that runs her property in the mornings and enjoys long trail runs on the weekends.

Hillary Snyder – Chief Human Resources Officer – Riverstone Communities Corporate Office – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Her Bio Includes:

Hillary has been a member of the Riverstone team since June of 2013 and has loved every minute of her time here. She has a passion for helping others, which resulted in her creating the initial Make a Dream program at Riverstone and now integrating the Dream Manager concept (which she borrowed from a book – titled coincidentally, “Dream Manager”). She is passionate about the team at Riverstone and wants to do all that she can to help ensure their success both at Riverstone and in life. It is her goal for team members to be better off after having worked at Riverstone. She is passionate about overcoming obstacles and finding solutions to problems. She is focused on restoring kindness to the world, one small step at a time. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two children, traveling, reading, exercising and just being grateful for all life has to offer.

Sarah Riutta – COO – Riverstone Communities – Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Her Bio Includes:

Sarah joined the organization in 2010 with 24 years of Property Management experience and jumped right in to turning around our numerous operational challenges, coming out of the recession of 2008. Riverstone Communities was faced with very different problems then, such as low occupancy numbers and high outstanding rent collections. We needed to fill our communities and rebuild in a way that was sustainable. It certainly wasn’t easy but, WHEW, we did it! But what do you do as an organization after your building blocks have been set?!? What are the next steps? For us, we got reflective. We decided what was important is being good humans… So that’s what we went off (and are still doing). The Dream Manager program is another way to express our care and investment in others, allowing us to truly live our core values and mission. Enriching other peoples’ lives is a passion of Sarah’s that she has managed through various volunteer efforts she has been a part of throughout her life. This program allows her to do this work internally with our team full time and she couldn’t be more excited!

When she isn’t enjoying helping others change their lives, she spends time with her family and friends, including her son, as he begins to navigate his adult life. She is an avid cook – mastering the art of vegan cooking! She also loves to travel and explore new places!

Jonathan Johnson – Property Manager – Bay Creek/Gwinnett Estates, Apple Valley, Peachtree Village Communities – Loganville/Sugar Hill, Georgia

His Bio Includes:

Jonathan has been a Property Manager with Riverstone Communities since August of 2017 and has a total of 7 years within the property management industry. He currently oversees our four Georgia communities: Gwinnett Estates, Bay Creek, Apple Valley, and Peachtree Village.

He believes in putting others before himself and helping those in need. Jonathan makes it a priority to keep the lines of communication open with residents and team members to ensure that all questions and concerns are addressed timely. He is always willing to listen and find a way to resolve any issues that may come up. Jonathan’s goal is to help others through their hard times and be sure they know that there is still goodness in the world. Jonathan is dedicated to Riverstone’s mission and the needs of residents. Jonathan partners with other organizations to provide financial, health, and family assistance to all residents in need. Collaborating with different organizations has allowed Jonathan to contribute to the mission of Riverstone by enriching the lives of others.

During his spare time, Jonathan is always a Dad first and his family is everything to him. Jonathan enjoys managing and coaching his kids’ youth sports teams. Sports have instilled many of life’s lessons and values in him and now for his children. They are a sports family – through and through!

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