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At Riverstone Communities, hiring A-players is our #1 priority. We recognize that our team is our greatest asset and it is very important that we fill any open positions that we have, with the most qualified candidates. We strive to keep our turnover low and retention high.

If you are applying for an active opening with us, you can expect the hiring process to be robust, but efficient. We will not drag it out for the best candidates. The time it takes to hire a new team member is usually about two weeks, from the time you apply and are first contacted to the time you are offered the position. If we can shorten that timeframe, we will – however, it is important that we complete our due diligence when working candidates through our hiring process.

Our hiring process includes two to three interviews with different team members to gain different perspectives and to dig into different topics. Depending on the role you are applying for, there are also online assessments that you will need to complete. They test cognitive ability, personality, overall skill set etc. But, don’t let this process overwhelm you – we are committed to moving through it quickly with the right candidates and as long as you are just as committed, you could land your next career move with a great organization quite quickly!

Apply today and come see what Riverstone Communities has to offer to you and your family!